Skyfall Developments is an international consultancy and construction company that has delivered world class projects and programmes. We are committed to health and safety, innovation and service excellence, being a responsible business and supporting the communities in which we work.

We progressively drive value, efficiency and an adventurous spirit into every Skyfall project and programme, as part of our key goal to push boundaries in the construction industry. Whether our role is development, consultancy, construction or facilities management, our innovative solutions and service excellence seeks to break new ground within our own company, laying the foundations for our industry’s future. 

The diversity of our work has given us a genuine understanding of different communities and cultures, meaning we can approach each new project and programme in a sensitive, inclusive way. Such outreach is a key facet of our ambition to create a positive legacy that outlives our work. 

Responsible Business
Skyfall Developments is proud to champion responsible business behaviors, with a dedication to the future at the heart of every service we offer. Whether controlling our carbon footprint, investing in responsibly sourced materials or creating social value for our clients, our people continue to progress industry best practice

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Development is an integral part of the wider Skyfall Developments business and is a natural fit with the work we do across the full property lifecycle.

As a development business, our skills range from deal origination, land acquisition, securing planning, raising project finance and procuring teams whose combined experience help deliver financial sound schemes, and consistent double digit investor performance.

We have built a bespoke network of consultants and market specialists that give us a better perspective on what the best open and off-market prospects are.

In addition to managing our own development portfolio, we are development manager/partner for landowners in both the public and private sectors across the world.

We have initiated and delivered landmark projects from hotels to mixed-use developments, student accommodation to commercial offices, in some of the most challenging countries in the word.

The development team currently has in excess of 500 million sq ft of live parent group holding development activity in progress, with a forecast exit GDV in excess of $2.75bn.

We combine a unique blend of people, skills knowledge and expertise backed by a strong balance sheet and reputation for delivering top quality buildings and developments.

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From the outset, we’ve had a different approach to consultancy. In addition to our breadth of experience and expertise, what makes us stand out is our total commitment to our clients.

Our consultants live and breathe each project while our Group Board and senior management team have been praised for the way they lead from the top, taking personal ownership and making our promises to clients a reality.

With a growing Skyfall Development presence that spans our five global hubs, we oversee work for world leading organisations across the public and private sectors. 

Our ability to draw upon our colleagues’ expertise in development, construction, and operations makes us truly unique and means we are able to offer clients a level of insight across the asset lifecycle and a service that no other consultant can offer.

Our core services in consultancy are project and programme management; cost consultancy; and facilities management. These services are enhanced by a range of specialist services of strategic advisory, PMO, engineering and design and sustainability, to name but a few.

 he quality and calibre of our teams are our key strength – a point frequently mentioned by clients in feedback surveys, along with direct board involvement and our commitment to providing an outstanding service at all times.  

We recognise that every client and every project is unique – so we do not work to predetermined formulas or rely on “off the shelf solutions.”  We offer a truly bespoke service in consultancy, tailored specifically to the client’s exact requirements, with the vision and flair to come up with the right answer each and every time.


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From fixed price contracting to construction management and everything in between, our construction business has given rise to some of our most notorious challenges and inspiring solutions.

As fast paced and inspiring as it is to deliver gravity defying towers and rediscover nationally treasured landmarks, we are just as committed to our work on smaller yet equally rewarding projects. From towers to police stations, museums to supermarkets, airports to banks - to name a few - our success is founded on a simple formula of finding a better way of delivering for our clients.

Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional thinking and relentlessly push for smarter, faster and more efficient ways to deliver while always working with integrity to ensure we uphold high ethical standards on every project.

 We are proud to be one of the leaders in the industry for safety performance and management; put simply, we want to create a culture where putting safety first is second nature.

We strive to create opportunity. Far more than just buildings, we see property in terms of its larger context, whether we are regenerating forgotten parts of the city or reviving local communities. On every project, we consider possibilities such as community involvement and social inclusion, and strive to create places that invoke local pride.

Skyfall Developments was founded on a belief that the construction industry would benefit from a more open and collaborative approach and we've become a leader in construction delivery by adhering to that founding principle. We see ourselves as more than just construction experts. We are our clients’ partner in the truest sense, and as a result, our role is to never stop looking for ways to be smarter, leaner and more affordable and deliver faster.