Head of Security

Bryanston, Johannesburg GP 2200, South Africa
12/12/2018 08:31:10

The Chief Security Officer is the leader of the corporate/physical security function for Project Gulf Group, its Chairman, Executives, Subsidiary executives and that of visiting clients and VIP’s to include dignitaries, members of Royalty and other Head of States, all premises, assets both fixed and moveable local and international staff, mitigation of insurance concerns, to include responsibility for the overall corporate security strategy, security architecture development and global function oversight. The scope of this roles covers all utilized security to include responsibility for overall corporate security strategy, security architecture development, and global function oversight. The scope of this role covers all utilized security technologies and services, including protection services, perimeter defenses, physical and logical access control, and profile management of all employees, contractors and visitors.

As the company’s senior security officer, this person also has enterprise-level responsibility for all data/information security policies, standards, evaluations, roles, and corporate awareness.

This person will work with user and technical groups and Internal Auditors in the development and implementation of a security strategy designed to provide a high level of security over physical facilities and data processing while preserving and enhancing facility and system usability. This person must be able to develop and implement flexible security solutions, dictated by the needs of a hybrid and rapidly evolving decentralized business environment. The individual must be a results-oriented person who can achieve tangible improvements in the corporate security arena. Excellent technical and communications skills are a must, as well as proven security leadership experience.

The Head of Security will be responsible for directing the activities of the security function. Responsibilities will include:

Work closely with corporate executives, business managers, audit and legal counsel to understand corporate requirements related to security and regulatory compliance, and map those requirements to current security projects.

Develop, implement, and manage the overall enterprise process for security strategy and associated architecture and engineering standards.

Develop and implement policies, standards and guidelines related to corporate security.

Oversee the continuous monitoring and protection of facilities, personnel and information systems. Evaluate suspected security breaches and recommend corrective actions (including incidents involving outside vendors).

Serve as the enterprise focal point for security incident response planning and execution.

Define and implement an ongoing Project Gulf Group Risk Assessment program, which will define, identify, and classify critical assets, assess threats and vulnerabilities regarding those assets, and implement safeguard recommendations.

Assist Internal Audits in the development of appropriate criteria needed to assess the level of new/existing applications and/or technology infrastructure elements for compliance with enterprise security standards.

Establish and monitor formal certification programs regarding enterprise security standards relating to the planned acquisition and/or procurement of new applications or technologies.

Evaluate changes to the corporate environment for security impact and present findings to management.

The candidate will have:

Specialist Fire Arms training.

Close Protection experience

Advanced Counter Collision Driving

A college degree (BA/BS), or equivalent work experience.

Excellent staff management skills.

Ability to interface with top management

Eight to ten (8-10) years of management experience at least five of which were in a security-related area in a leadership capacity.

Vulnerability testing in addition to penetration testing

Developing security practices as a people problem versus a technical problem

Standards-based architecture with an understanding of how to get there, including compliance monitoring and enforcement.