Group HR Manager

Bryanston, Johannesburg GP 2200, South Africa
01/21/2019 14:15:32

Develop the organizational human resources strategy in compliance with corporate group strategy.

Design the group’s human resources department structure, positions and process system in compliance to its strategic mandate, Review, amend and draft job description and qualifications required for the staff of the group human resources department, formulate HR Plans, Policies & procedures according to organizational objectives.

Prepare HR budget and ensure the activities within budget.

Provide technical & Professional Advice to Legal Representative for legal proceedings that are related to the HR section.

Organize meetings with Management, plans for manpower as per requirements. Set up the working methodology for succession planning analysis, implementation and monitoring Develop the recruitment and selection process to include:

Compensations Schemes & Benefits Management

Review and analyze the group subsidiaries: Jobs / roles Salaries, Ranking and benefit system.

Performance Appraisals and Management.

Formulate effective Performance Appraisal Policy, Procedures and ensure its compliance.

Review and analyze the performance appraisal managing process

Employees Relations Management

Set up policies and procedures for the treatment of employee’s horizontal and vertical inter-organizational conflicts.

Enhance Organization communications, encourage and develop employee communications, ensure proper management of Staff amenities and occupational and health safety.

Identify the areas for development explore the new skills to enhance productivity.

Administer the Training Policy.

Review and assess the HR module of the current ERP system, propose potential customization, if needed, on ERP HR module, follow up, guide, and monitor the implementation of ERP HR module at group level.

10 to 15 years of working experience in human resources management and / or organizational development. Previous experience with human resource management information application proven experience in developing HR departments from scratch.

Familiar with the use World, Excel, power point etc. result oriented driven individual, problem solver, optimistic and enjoy assertive communication.

Ability to lead teams and empower staff, Ability to innovate and create new concepts, Ability to communicate and cooperate with everyone in the organization.

Capable of researching local and international HR rules and regulations in each of the countries where the group has a presence, operation, input or decision making responsibility and ensure that these rules and regulations are accommodated, along with the industry specific requirements on all areas of the groups operation and subsidiaries.